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Our TASTY TEXTURES puffed snacks for babies from 7+ months introduce subtle flavors and new texture experiences for mini mouths, and soft shapes that little fingers can hold. Safe for self-feeding and perfect for first-stage snacking.

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If you follow a “baby-led” approach to starting solids where the emphasis is supporting your baby to learn to self-feed, you can offer some low-risk stick or circle-shaped foods. Ideally, the texture needs to be soft or meltable to continue to be safe for the baby. Babies can bring them to their mouths to explore and learn a variety of flavors.

At or around 7 months, babies are evolving their pincer grasp. At times they will pick up toys or pieces of food with their thumb and a few fingers. They will gain the skill gradually to be able to pick up cubes of food with their thumb and pointer finger (pincer grasp).

With a pincer grasp comes a new feeding milestone (stage one snacking) and flavor & texture discovery opportunity! Baby will have the ability to pick up small pieces of food such as melt-in-the-mouth puffs like the Little Bellies range of TASTY TEXTURES baby snacks for 7+ months, designed for safe self-feeding.

  • Discover the unique aspects that set Little Bellies’ baby snacks apart, supporting your baby’s self-feeding journey:

    Baby-Led Learning Approach

    Little Bellies embraces the “baby-led” approach to starting solids, focusing on supporting your baby in learning to self-feed. Our baby snacks are designed to align with this philosophy, offering low-risk stick or circle-shaped foods. The lightly crisp and soft shapes melt easily in the mouth to ensure a safe and enjoyable snack time experience.

    Pincer Grasp Development at 7 Months

    Around 7 months, babies are mastering their pincer grasp, a significant developmental milestone. They transition from picking up toys to handling small pieces of food with their thumb and a few fingers. This gradual progression sets the stage for the next feeding milestone – stage one snacking – and opens the door to exciting flavor and texture discoveries.

    Stage One Snacking Milestone

    The emergence of the pincer grasp heralds a new era of feeding – stage one snacking. Little Bellies recognizes and supports this crucial milestone with our range of TASTY TEXTURES for 7+ months. Specially crafted for safe self-feeding, these melt-in-the-mouth puffs provide the perfect opportunity for your baby to explore new flavors and textures with their developing pincer grasp.

  • Melt-in-the-Mouth Puff Snacks

    In our commitment to safe self-feeding, we exclusively use melt-in-the-mouth puffs in our TASTY TEXTURES range for 7+ month old babies. These puff snacks are crafted to be not only delicious but also gentle on your baby’s developing palate. Sourced from quality ingredients, they add a delightful crunch to the self-feeding journey.

  • Explore creative ways to serve Little Bellies’ baby snacks for 7+ months old during this exciting stage:

    Exploration-Friendly Shapes

    Our healthy baby snacks are designed with exploration in mind. The stick or circle-shaped foods are perfect for your baby’s hands as they engage in self-feeding. These shapes, combined with soft or meltable textures, create a safe and enjoyable snacking experience.

    Stage One Snacking Adventures

    As your baby transitions to stage one snacking, introduce them to the Little Bellies TASTY TEXTURES range for 7+ months. These melt-in-the-mouth puffs are crafted to be easily picked up with a developing pincer grasp, providing a delightful adventure in flavor and texture discovery.

    Parenting Peace with Little Bellies

    Our baby snacks are not just nourishing; they’re also convenient for busy parents. Little Bellies snacks are designed for hassle-free snacking on the go, offering a nutritious option that aligns with your baby’s developmental needs.

  • Immerse yourself in the enriching world of learning and play with Little Bellies:

    Milestone Guide for Informed Parenting

    Access our detailed article “Baby Development Milestones Unpacked: A Comprehensive Age & Stage Guide to Natural Development” for a wealth of information on feeding milestones. Little Bellies is your partner in informed parenting, providing resources to guide you through every stage of your baby’s natural development.

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