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Our MORE TO EXPLORE puffed snacks for babies from 10+ months bring new adventures in taste, shapes and textures to help promote independence. Safe for self-feeding and perfect for second-stage snacking.

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If your baby has turned 10 months old, you must be moving into the second stage of snacking. Congratulations on this new, exciting feeding milestone!

By 10 months, your little one is developing chewing skills and increasing independence. Chewing is becoming much easier for your baby as they are incorporating rotary jaw movements. You may notice your baby wanting to be even more involved in the feeding process such as scooping food with their spoon.

Your baby is becoming more skilled at eating pieces of food thanks to those new jaw movements. This allows you to serve foods that vary in texture such as shredded meats, pieces of cheese, diced grapes, and meltable solids. Snacks-wise, you can now move up to more complex shapes and textures like the Little Bellies MORE TO EXPLORE range of baby snacks for 10+ months.

  • Explore the unique qualities that make Little Bellies MORE TO EXPLORE snacks the perfect choice for your 10-month-old baby, entering the second stage of snacking:

    Advanced Snacking Milestone

    Welcome to the second stage of  baby snacking! Little Bellies baby snacks are crafted to complement and support your baby’s development during this phase, offering a range of features and benefits tailored to their growing needs.

    Enhanced Chewing Skills

    At 10 months, your little one is mastering the art of chewing, incorporating rotary jaw movements for more effective and efficient chewing. This newfound skill enhances their eating experience and opens up opportunities for a more diverse range of textured foods.

    Increased Independence in Feeding

    Notice your baby’s growing independence in feeding? Little Bellies celebrates this milestone by providing snacks that encourage self-feeding, such as allowing them to scoop food with their own spoon. Our snacks for 10+ month old babies are designed to foster a sense of autonomy during mealtime, supporting your baby’s desire to be more involved in the feeding process.

    Textured Variety for Developing Palates

    As your baby becomes more adept at eating pieces of food, you can introduce a variety of textures to their diet. Little Bellies baby snacks are crafted with this in mind, offering a combination of flavors, shapes, and sizes to help with your baby’s fine motor skill development.

  • Varied Textures for Palate Development

    In our organic baby snack range, we carefully select ingredients to create a palette of textures. Each snack is a delightful exploration of different textures for your little one, encouraging palate development and providing a well-rounded snacking experience.

    Trusted Sources for Quality Organic Ingredients

    At Little Bellies, we believe in offering choices. Our commitment to excellence begins with working closely with trusted partners who prioritize sourcing and using top-notch organic ingredients. We personally visit and evaluate each partner, connecting with their team, discussing our needs, and benefiting from their extensive knowledge of organic ingredients.

    Natural Flavor Boost with Dried Fruit & Veggie Powders

    To enhance the flavor of snacks for babies older than 10 months, we use dried fruit and vegetable powders. Crafted from locally sourced organic whole fruits and vegetables, these powders provide a natural way to infuse gentle sweetness and wholesome flavor into snacks and meals for babies over 10 months old.

  • Discover imaginative ways to serve Little Bellies MORE TO EXPLORE snacks:

    Self-Feeding Encouragement

    Little Bellies snacks are designed to encourage self-feeding. Allow your 10-month-old to explore their growing independence by serving snacks that are easy to pick up and enjoy. Our snacks for 10 month old babies includes options that are perfect for little hands, fostering a sense of accomplishment during mealtime.

    Snack-Time Adventure

    Transform snack time into an adventure with our baby snack range. From shredded meats to diced grapes, each snack offers a unique experience, allowing your baby to discover new tastes and textures. Create a snack-time routine that is both exciting and delicious for your little explorer.

    Texture-Introducing Creations

    Expand the variety of textures in your baby’s diet by incorporating our baby snacks into homemade creations. Use shredded meats as toppings for soft finger foods or diced fruits for playful and nutritious additions. Little Bellies snacks are versatile, allowing you to create texture-rich culinary adventures for your growing 10-month-old.

  • Immerse yourself in the enriching world of learning and play with Little Bellies snacks for 10+ month old babies:

    Age & Stage Guidance

    For more insights and tips on second-stage snacking, please read our Baby Food & Snack Guide by Age & Stage. Little Bellies is here to guide you through the exciting journey of your baby’s development, offering comprehensive resources for informed parenting.

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