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Our TODDLERS IN TRAINING snacks for toddlers from 12+ months introduce more adventurous textures, shapes, and flavors to support and encourage a positive transition to toddlerhood.

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Unlock a world of tasty exploration for your 12+ month-old toddler with Little Bellies! As they transition into the exciting toddler stage, our snacks are crafted to meet their evolving development needs. Our expert tips guide you in creating well-balanced snacks, complementing regular meals and encouraging healthy development.

Discover the perfect blend of textures, from crunchy veggie tubes to soft fruits, fostering sensory delight and oral motor skill development. Elevate snack time with our natural and organic options, ensuring convenience without compromising on nutritional integrity. Fuel your toddler’s curiosity with Little Bellies – the ideal choice for wholesome and delicious snacking adventures!

  • Discover the exceptional features and benefits of Little Bellies snacks for 12-month-old toddlers, tailored to support their evolving needs:

    Tailored Organic Snack for Toddlers

    As your little one transitions into the toddler stage at 12 months, their nutritional requirements undergo a significant shift. Little Bellies toddler snacks are expertly crafted to introduce new flavors, shapes, and textures, promoting the development of motor skills and palate.

    Insights from Baby Feeding Experts

    Benefit from the expertise of our leading baby feeding experts and pediatricians who provide valuable thoughts and tips. Little Bellies is committed to offering guidance to help you make informed and positive choices in your toddler’s snacking journey.

    • Complement their regular meals: Snacks are meant to complement regular meals, not replace them. Keep a balance between nutritious main meals and well-timed snacks.
    • Aim for two to three snacks per day between main meals. Offer a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. For instance, Little Bellies animal crackers with cheese and sliced cucumbers to create a well-rounded snack.
    • Avoid over-processed snacks: opt for organic whole-food snacks whenever possible. While processed snacks might be convenient, try to limit them because they are often loaded with excess sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats.

    Developmental Support

    Our range of Little Bellies snacks encourages the introduction of varied textures, fostering sensory stimulation, chewing development, and the enrichment of your toddler’s snacking experience.

    Balanced Snacking Approach

    At Little Bellies, we believe that snacks should complement, not replace, regular meals. With our healthy snacks for toddlers, aim for two to three well-timed snacks per day between main meals, offering a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

  • Delve into the transparency and care that defines every ingredient in Little Bellies snacks for 12-month-old toddlers:

    Organic Ingredients

    Little Bellies prioritizes the use of organic ingredients in our toddler snacks, ensuring that each component contributes to the well-rounded toddler needs during this crucial developmental stage.

    Whole-Food Snacking

    Opt for whole-food snacks whenever possible. Little Bellies commitment to organic and natural choices guarantees a wholesome snacking option for your toddler.

    Convenience Without Compromise

    Recognizing the demands of parenting, Little Bellies offers ready-to-eat toddler snacks for convenience. However, we emphasize the importance of choosing natural and organic options, steering away from anything overprocessed. Convenience can coexist with nutritional integrity in our range of healthy snacks for toddlers.

  • Explore imaginative ways to serve Little Bellies snacks for 12-month-old toddlers:

    Balanced Snack Combinations

    Little Bellies encourages parents to create balanced snack combinations. Pair our animal crackers with cheese and sliced cucumbers to offer a well-rounded snack that combines carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

    Mindful Snacking Practices

    Avoid the pitfalls of over-processed snacks. Little Bellies recommends a mindful approach to snacking, opting for natural and organic choices to provide your toddler with the healthiest options available. Make well-informed choices that prioritize nutritional quality over convenience.

    Textural Exploration

    Celebrate your toddler’s curiosity by introducing a variety of textures. Little Bellies veggie tubes offer a crunchy delight, while soft fruits like banana or mango provide a contrasting experience. This not only stimulates their senses but also promotes chewing and oral motor skill development.

  • Immerse yourself in the enriching world of learning and play with Little Bellies snacks for 12-month-old toddlers:

    Toddler Food & Snack Guide

    For comprehensive insights into toddler snacks, explore our Toddler Food & Snack Guide for 12+ Months. Little Bellies is your partner in navigating the exciting journey of introducing new flavors and textures, providing valuable information to make snack time enjoyable and nutritious.

    Parenting with Little Bellies

    Join the community of parents embracing Little Bellies snacks. Stay connected for the latest parenting tips, snack-time adventures, and exclusive promotions. Little Bellies is here to support you in creating positive and delightful experiences for your growing toddler. Join us on this parenting journey!