Natural Development

At Little Bellies, we believe in doing what’s natural and as we all know, play is one thing that children do very naturally! It’s an important part of their development. By playing with their food, children are learning about the world and developing a more relaxed and positive association with a variety of foods. It engages their senses and stimulates their curiosity. They can squish, squeeze, and mold food, helping to develop their fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

The Little Bellies range is designed to encourage children to play. We have a range of shapes, textures, and flavors made with organic baby-friendly ingredients. Our range helps develop their motor skills at every feeding stage. Every puff and bite goes melty soft once nibbled, making them perfect for safe self-feeding as they grow.

For more information about the role of playing with food in your child’s development, please read Why is Playing with Food Important?

For a closer look and insight into how playing with food helps your baby to develop their motor skills, read Playing With Food Benefits: Developing Fine & Gross Motor Skills.

Playing with food encourages creativity and imagination. Children can use food to build structures, create artwork, or even act out imaginative scenarios. It is also a social experience: when children play with their food together, it promotes cooperation, communication, and sharing.

We’ve teamed up with natural feeding specialist, Simone Emery, to develop a host of games and hacks to get little fingers playing with all food groups. Creations don’t have to be perfect or hard to prepare. In fact, they should be simple, interactive and messy!

Check out Little Bellies games for every stage in the videos below and in Simone’s Play with Food Guide: Tips, Hacks and Game Ideas.