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We offer parents an extensive range of flavors, shapes and textures for every age and stage to help develop palate and support safe self-feeding. The flavors are delicate and subtle, designed for tiny tastebuds at the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey.

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These strawberry sticks were a huge hit with my little one! I’ve been through many snacks with 3 kids, and my baby loved these! She kept signing and pointing for more, even after she had eaten several. The sticks were large enough for her to grab and hold and crunchy enough to take a bite. And I was pleased to see that they’re made with all organic ingredients.


My baby loves to snack on these apple cinnamon puffs. They are super easy for her to hold, and they melt down well as soon as she gnaws on them. It’s a great size for a few snack sessions since she’s still so little. I like to keep the extras in a jar to keep them fresh.


My daughter loved the shape of the apple cinnamon puffs the best. She also enjoyed the flavor. I know that because she kept asking for more. Haha. As a momma I was happy that these were organic and had no added sugars and salts! That’s huge! I will definitely buy again for my little one!


My son, who is a little over a year, loved these blueberry puffs so much that he devoured the entire bag in about 10 minutes! They have a nice smell, and he seems to love the taste. The only thing is they stain his lips a little blue but that’s okay with me.


The puff is hard, but once you bite it, it melts in your mouth (yes, I tested it out for myself). If you’re concerned about taste, I didn’t really taste the blueberries. This is great because I don’t want the baby to get too used to sweet treats. This product is a little messy; do expect to have a small clean-up. But honestly, it’s a healthy snack, and I prefer that over something unhealthy.


My baby girl is enjoying her Little Bellies Organic Sweetcorn Rounds. They are so cute and in perfect shape and size for little hands to confidently grab. The flavor is awesome just like fresh corn on the cob! It’s a wonderful serving size and more than enough to keep my girl busy. Made with only 4 certified organic ingredients, so it’s clean and healthy for baby too. We will absolutely be adding these to our snack must-haves.


Light and crunchy, with just a hint of sweet corn taste, these little babies are delicious! My son only got half the bag because honestly, I could not stop eating them lol. They are crunchy but easy to chew, definitely good for babies with a few teeth!


Trip LOVES the tasty, easy to feel good about organic baby snacks from Little Bellies. We got to try the organic apple cinnamon puffs, banana soft corn, and apple berry soft corn. He seemed to like the soft corn best…little fist-fulls into his mouth until his snack cup was empty, then begged for more of both the banana and the apple berry! Would definitely pick these up for snack time! Definitely recommend these snacks.


My daughter absolutely loves these snacks! They are shaped like popcorn but without the worry of kernels! All natural ingredients; no added sugar. It’s a healthy good snack that is easy on the go and your toddler will want to eat. Win-win with this snack!


We were super excited to try Baby Bellies organic banana soft corn. The pieces were super easy for my daughter to pick up and eat. She loved the flavor and ended up eating the whole bag in one sitting. I like that there is no sugar or salt added and everything is natural. I would recommend these to 10 month olds that are starting to explore self-feeding.


Little Bellies animal crackers are so good. Ok, they are delicious! We all loved them in our house they are sweet and not as hard as an animal cracker. I was very impressed by the clean ingredients and the great taste. Definitely will be buying these!


These little bellies animal crackers were the fave! Not too sweet and very soft! I love that they are not overly crunchy because that’s awesome for my 12 month old. They would’ve eaten the whole box had I let them!


Our girls really enjoyed these little bellies animal crackers. They were much softer than other animal crackers and far less sweet. They had more animal shapes too which was fun for them. They loved identifying them. The youngest shook the bag hoping more to fall out. She’s quite disappointed they ate them all.


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Our crowd favourite Pick-Up Sticks - discover them in new fruit flavours mixed with yoghurt! Perfect for adventurous little taste buds aged 10 months and up. 🥭 

Get your hands on these tasty treats in Australia, New Zealand and now in the US. Visit littlebellies.com for more.

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Picky eater? Meet your match 🤝 Our Little Bellies Organic Banana and Apple Oat Smoothie is a game-changer! Just ask this thrilled parent whose bub couldn't get enough 🍌

"My bub loves this pouch! He is really picky with the pouches he likes so it was great to get one that he demolished! Highly recommend Little Bellies Organic Banana and Apple Oat Smoothie! Perfect for on the go as well!"

Find our 6+ months pouches at major retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Visit littlebellies.com for more info. 

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Did you know you know you can now stock up on more of your favourite Little Bellies snacks at a time? Available to order on Amazon USA in a box of 18 packs, choose from Apple & Cinnamon Puffs, Blueberry Puffs, Pumpkin Roundabouts, and Sweetcorn Roundabouts. 

Can't decide? Check out our assorted packs for a taste of everything! 🌟 

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Our 6+ months purées are a delightful mix of fruits and grains, perfect for little ones at home or on the go!

Take your pick from our three irresistible flavours: Apple, Mango & Peach, Apple & Strawberry, and Banana & Apple. Available at major retailers in Australia and New Zealand. 😋

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Our Organic Veggie Tubes are not only a hit with the little ones, but they also pass the parent test with flying colours! 🌈✨ Don't just take our word for it, hear it straight from this delighted parent: 

"When it comes to my baby, I always pay attention to what he eats... Organic Veggie Tubes were beyond my expectation. As a mum, I tried first before I gave to my kid, that’s how I concern about his health and diet. It was crunchy, fresh, very easy to bite and makes no mess. I liked the taste, it was clean. My son loved it, he ate the whole package at once and my son is picky one!"

Find our Organic Veggie Tubes in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Learn more on littlebellies.com 💚 

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Snack time just got easier for busy parents! Made for 7+ months babies, these Pick-Up Sticks are a hit even with older bubs and the pickiest eaters. 🤩 With a variety of flavours to explore, it's a tasty journey for your little one's growing palate. 

📹 @genesislitteral 

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Exciting news for our US friends - available now in @walmart and at select US retailers.

Our beloved Pick-Me Sticks are stepping up their flavor game 🌟 Introducing our newest additions: Berry Yogurt and Mango Yogurt, perfect for those adventurous 10+ months babies.

But wait, there's more! We've also expanded our range with delicious new bars tailored for those growing toddlers 12+ months. 🍓🥭

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Introducing new flavours and textures to your little one is a milestone for both parents and bubs. Remember to share your experience with us by tagging @littlebellies 🧡 

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POV: You're in your mum walk era and you can't leave the house without Little Bellies snacks 🤩 

Calling all mums! Do you have any exciting events coming up in your area? Drop us a message and let's chat about how we can join in on the fun!

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