Our baby products are perfect for tiny tastebuds at the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey. Designed with the utmost consideration for baby safety: organic, natural, not sweetened or salted, just the right flavours, textures, shapes and portions to support your child’s development.

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  • Little Bellies Organic Apple & Cinnamon Puffs

    Organic Apple & Cinnamon Puffs

  • Organic Blueberry Puffs

    Organic Blueberry Puffs

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Softcorn

    Organic Banana Softcorn

  • Little Bellies Organic Apple & Berry Softcorn

    Organic Apple & Berry Softcorn

  • Little Bellies Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Me Sticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Strawberry Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Strawberry Pick-Me Sticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Banana Pick-Me Sticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Sweetcorn Round-a-bouts

    Organic Sweetcorn Round-a-bouts

We created Little Bellies to feed all children nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, unnecessary salt and sugar, especially during the formative years of child development.

  • All our baby products are certified organic, made with carefully selected organic ingredients and grown naturally without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.
  • No added sugar in our baby products. Where flavour is required, we simply use dried organic fruit powders, which give a subtle hint of sweetness. The fruit powder is made from whole organic fruit. That’s it – nothing else is added or taken away.

As we develop our products, we carefully consider nutritional requirements, flavours, shapes and textures for every age and stage to support safe self-feeding and aid motor skill progression, such as pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, chewing and swallowing.

Last but not least, our baby products are delicious!

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