Our Story

Do What’s Natural!

At Little Bellies, we are passionate about providing healthy and delicious foods for babies, toddlers and kids.

We do our very best to do what comes naturally to us – making simple, age-appropriate and wholesome foods for all children – so that you can focus on what comes naturally to you – nurturing and raising independent and unique little people. We like to think of it as creating a circle of happiness: if kids are happy, then parents are happy, then we are happy! 

Little Bellies was born when one of our own children was diagnosed with severe food sensitivities, and we discovered safe snack options for kids like him were seriously limited. This inspired us to create our range of natural, organic and delicious snacks all kids can enjoy — and parents can feel confident in choosing.

As two brothers with 7 young children between us, we know feeding kids can sometimes feel complex and overwhelming. It’s our mission to make it simple (and natural) by creating only the best quality food for kids, age and stage appropriate, free from unnecessary salt and sugar, artificial additives, and genetically modified ingredients.

That’s why all our baby and toddler foods are natural, certified organic, and encourage little ones to explore new flavours, shapes and textures to support palate and pincer grasp development and promote independence through safe self-feeding.

As children grow, we focus on creating wholesome snacks packed with more of the good stuff!

Our children continue to be our greatest source of inspiration.