10+ Months

Our MORE TO EXPLORE puffed snacks for babies from 10+ months bring new adventures in taste, shapes and textures to help promote independence. Safe for self-feeding and perfect for second-stage snacking.

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  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Softcorn

    Organic Banana Softcorn

  • Little Bellies Organic Apple & Berry Softcorn

    Organic Apple & Berry Softcorn

If you are on our 10+ months page, you must be moving into the second stage of snacking. Congratulations on this new, exciting feeding milestone!

By 10 months, your little one is developing chewing skills and increasing independence. Chewing is becoming much easier for your baby as they are incorporating rotary jaw movements. You may notice your baby wanting to be even more involved in the feeding process such as scooping food with their spoon.

Your baby is becoming more skilled at eating pieces of food thanks to those new jaw movements. This allows you to serve foods that vary in texture such as shredded meats, pieces of cheese, diced grapes, and meltable solids. Snacks-wise, you can now move up to more complex shapes and textures like the Little Bellies MORE TO EXPLORE range of snacks for 10+ months.

For more insights and tips on second-stage snacking, please read our Baby Food & Snack Guide by Age & Stage.