7+ Months

Our TASTY TEXTURES puffed snacks for babies from 7+ months introduce subtle flavours and new texture experiences for mini mouths, and soft shapes that little fingers can hold. Safe for self-feeding and perfect for first-stage snacking.

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  • Little Bellies Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Me Sticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Strawberry Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Strawberry Pick-Me Sticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Pick-Me Sticks

    Organic Banana Pick-Me Sticks

If you follow a “baby-led” approach to starting solids where the emphasis is supporting your baby to learn to self-feed, you can offer some low-risk stick or circle-shaped foods. Ideally, the texture needs to be soft or meltable to continue to be safe for the baby. Babies can bring them to their mouths to explore and learn a variety of flavours.

At or around 7 months, babies are evolving their pincer grasp. At times they will pick up toys or pieces of food with their thumb and a few fingers. They will gain the skill gradually to be able to pick up cubes of food with their thumb and pointer finger (pincer grasp).

With a pincer grasp comes a new feeding milestone (stage one snacking) and flavor & texture discovery opportunity! Baby will have the ability to pick up small pieces of food such as melt-in-the-mouth puffs like the Little Bellies range of TASTY TEXTURES for 7+ months, designed for safe self-feeding.

For more information on feeding milestones, please read our article Baby Development Milestones Unpacked: A Comprehensive Age & Stage Guide to Natural Development.