Baby Experts Recommend Little Bellies

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“Little Bellies products are low in sodium, contain minimal or no added sugar – an important nutrient for young kiddos, and they are not rice-based making them one of my go-to snacks for my kiddos as well as my top recommended snack for my clients. As a pediatric dietitian, I am always on the lookout for great snacks for babies six months plus and I am so thankful I have found Little Bellies!” 
Cinthia Scott, RD, IBCLC (The Baby Dietitian LLC)

“I LOVE Little Bellies snacks both personally and professionally. The various textures and shapes crafted for baby’s development. Between the unique flavor options and simple ingredients, we can feel confident offering Little Bellies snacks to our kiddos.”
Nicole Lattanzio, RDN, CSP, IBCLC

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“It’s hard to find baby food and kids food companies that I would buy personally or recommend to clients, Little Bellies is my favorite to recommend. I love that the ingredients are simple, nutritious, and sourced from third parties with strict regulations on heavy metals and farming practices. The baby line is the perfect meltable and dissolvable texture for babies to practice chewing and self-feeding skills (plus my son loves them!). It’s so hard to find options that do not have a lot of (or any) added refined sugars or options that are low sodium for little ones, Little Bellies manages to not only meet nutrition guidelines but also makes great tasting products!”
Leah Hackney, RD, LD, CSP @kids.nutritionist

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“What I like about Little Bellies is that it is evidence based. It is important to expose your child to increasing flavors, textures, and sizes. Little Bellies allows natural exploration of wholesome, healthy foods and influences food relationships for years to come.”
Dr. Jonathan Williams, Paediatrician, @tiktokkiddoc

“Children from a young age need to experience a range of textures, flavours and nutrients in their diet. Building familiarity is the first step in helping them accept a wider variety of foods in their diet. It is important to prioritize familiarity as a daily strategy to achieve dietary variety. Consistently offering variety in baby food across 48 hours helps normalize it. Little Bellies offers parents a great diversity of organic baby and toddler snacks to help build familiarity with food through visual, taste, contextual, and categorical familiarity and teams up well with fruit, vegetables and proteins for a balanced start to a lifelong feeding journey.”
Simone Emery, Nutritionist. Paediatric OT.

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“Playing with food is an important part of child development. Your child can learn so much from pressure-free playful interactions with food. Play is effective and serious research for them! It engages their senses and stimulates their curiosity. During play, children are learning about textures, temperatures, colours, sounds, smells and flavours. Helping them label the sensory aspects of foods builds their receptive language (the words that they hear and understand) around food. They can squish, squeeze, and mold food, helping to develop their fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. Enjoying play opportunities with food to encourage learning and a variety-infused diet is easy with Little Bellies products thanks to the extensive range of flavours, textures and shapes for every age and stage.”
Simone Emery, Nutritionist. Paediatric OT.

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