Our Little Bellies healthy toddler snacks have been developed for young ones under our ‘Toddlers in Training’ range. A whole new world of flavours, shapes and texture experiences is now available to these little people to support this exciting time of exploration.

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  • Little Bellies Organic Apricot Date & Oat Bars

    Organic Apricot Date & Oat Bars

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

    Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

  • Little Bellies Organic Sultanas

    Organic Sultanas

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Brown Rice Bites

    Organic Banana Brown Rice Bites

  • Little Bellies Organic Mango Brown Rice Bites

    Organic Mango Brown Rice Bites

  • Little Bellies Organic Cheese & Herb Fiddlesticks

    Organic Cheese & Herb Fiddlesticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Animal Biscuits

    Organic Animal Biscuits

  • Little Bellies Organic Gingerbread Men

    Organic Gingerbread Men

  • Little Bellies Organic Veggie Tubes

    Organic Veggie Tubes

We created Little Bellies to feed all children nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, unnecessary salt and sugar, especially during the formative years of child development.

All our toddler snacks (ages 12+ months) are certified organic, made with carefully selected organic ingredients and grown naturally without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. We only use natural food ingredients that you can recognise such as vegetables, fruit, lentils and grains.

As we develop our products, we carefully consider the snacks’ flavours, shapes and textures for every age and stage, allowing natural progression throughout developmental milestones.

  • Explore the distinctive qualities that define Little Bellies’ commitment to providing top-tier toddler snacks:

    Certified Organic for Growing Toddlers

    Little Bellies proudly introduces a range of toddler snacks, thoughtfully crafted for ages 12+ months. With specially selected organic ingredients, grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, we pave the way for your toddler’s healthy development.

    Naturally Sweetened Goodness

    Little Bellies’ toddler snacks stand firm against added sugar. Embracing natural sweetness, we incorporate dried organic fruit and vegetable powders, derived from whole organic produce, providing a subtle and wholesome sweetness.

    Recognisable Ingredients for Parental Peace of Mind

    At Little Bellies, transparency is paramount. We exclusively use natural food ingredients that are easily recognisable – vegetables, fruits, lentils, and grains. This ensures that every snack is a straightforward, wholesome choice, giving parents peace of mind in their selection.

    Thoughtful Development for Natural Progression

    Our commitment to toddler snacks goes beyond taste. We carefully consider nutritional flavours and textural nuances for each developmental stage. Little Bellies encourages natural progression through milestones, facilitating your toddler’s growth and exploration.

  • Organic Ingredients Sourced from Experts

    Little Bellies believes in the power of choice. We start by working closely with our trusted network of suppliers to ensure that the highest quality, organic ingredients are used. We build strong relationships with our organic suppliers by meeting their team, having conversations about what we need, and benefiting from their expertise in organic produce and ingredients.

    Dried Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powders

    Little Bellies goes the extra mile for natural sweetness, incorporating dried organic fruit and vegetable powders in our ingredients mix. These powders are made from whole fruits or vegetables, providing a natural way to add flavour and a hint of sweetness for delicious and organic toddler treats.

  • Discover imaginative ways to serve Little Bellies’ healthy toddler snacks:

    Grab-and-Go Convenience

    Little Bellies snacks are designed for busy parents and active toddlers. Simply grab a pack, and your little one is ready for a convenient snack, perfect for on-the-go adventures.

    Pairing Possibilities for Added Variety

    Elevate snack time by exploring pairing options. Little Bellies’ toddler snacks complement well with yoghurt, cheese, or fresh fruits, providing a versatile and enjoyable culinary experience for your growing toddler.

    DIY Toddler Snack Creations

    Foster creativity by incorporating our snacks into homemade recipes. From adding a crunch to cereal bowls to using them as delightful toppings for yoghurt, Little Bellies’ toddler snacks are a versatile addition to your culinary creations.

  • Immerse yourself in the enriching world of learning and play with Little Bellies:

    Comprehensive Toddler Food & Snack Guide

    For parents navigating the world of toddler snacks, Little Bellies offers an in-depth Toddler Food & Snack Guide for 12+ Months. Learn about nutritional milestones, flavour exploration, and serving suggestions to make snack time enjoyable and easy.

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