Little Bellies Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

  • Soft and yummy organic banana & date bars with wholegrain oats. New exciting adventures in texture and taste for busy little tots on the go!

    Our TODDLERS IN TRAINING snacks for toddlers from 12+ months introduce more adventurous textures, shapes, and flavours to support and encourage a positive transition to toddlerhood.

  • Certified organic
    Made with wholegrain oats
    No added sugar or salt

    Certified Organic
    It is our commitment to you that all our organic ingredients, recipes and suppliers have been specially screened and selected to ensure they are appropriate and safe for growing little bellies. The foods we produce are made with carefully selected organic ingredients and grown naturally without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.

    No Added Sugar
    We don’t use cane sugar or add simple sugars such as rice syrup, honey, or maltodextrin. Where flavour is required, we simply use dried organic fruit. That’s it – nothing else is added or taken away.


Organic Dried Date (65%), Organic Wholegrain Oat Flour (20%), Organic Dried Banana (10%), Organic Sunflower Oil, Rice Flour.
CONTAINS Gluten. May contain Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut.
CAUTION: Although every care has been taken to remove stones and pits, some small pieces may remain.
Store in a cool, dry location. To maintain freshness after opening, keep in an airtight container.
Suitable for children from 12 months of age.

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