12+ Months

Our TODDLERS IN TRAINING snacks for toddlers from 12+ months introduce more adventurous textures, shapes, and flavours to support and encourage a positive transition to toddlerhood.

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  • Little Bellies Organic Apricot Date & Oat Bars

    Organic Apricot Date & Oat Bars

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

    Organic Banana Date & Oat Bars

  • Little Bellies Organic Sultanas

    Organic Sultanas

  • Little Bellies Organic Banana Brown Rice Bites

    Organic Banana Brown Rice Bites

  • Little Bellies Organic Mango Brown Rice Bites

    Organic Mango Brown Rice Bites

  • Little Bellies Organic Cheese & Herb Fiddlesticks

    Organic Cheese & Herb Fiddlesticks

  • Little Bellies Organic Animal Biscuits

    Organic Animal Biscuits

  • Little Bellies Organic Gingerbread Men

    Organic Gingerbread Men

  • Little Bellies Organic Veggie Tubes

    Organic Veggie Tubes

We created Little Bellies to feed all children nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, and unnecessary salt and sugar, especially during the formative years of child development.

Our toddler snacks for 12+ months offer new delicious, wholesome and flavourful adventures for busy little tots on the go.

  • Our snacks for 12+ months children are certified organic, natural, free from artificial additives, and genetically modified ingredients.

  • We only work with certified organic ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers to make our toddler snacks for 12+ months.

    We will visit and review each and every single one of our suppliers before we agree to partner with them. We meet their team, discuss our requirements, learn from their expertise and take time to form meaningful and lasting relationships to ensure the highest level of quality control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

  • At 12 months, your toddler is probably dropping bottles or breastfeeds, and solid food becomes their primary source of nutrition. Most toddlers will be on 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks to fill in the gaps.

    Offer foods rich in fibre, iron, and healthy fats while limiting those high in added sugar.

    Remember that snacks are meant to complement regular meals, not replace them. Keep a balance between nutritious main meals and well-timed snacks. Ideally, they should be having 5-6 meals in a 24-hour period, spaced 2.5-3 hours apart.

  • For more guidance on toddler snacks, please read our article Toddler Food & Snack Guide for 12+ Months and A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Snacking for Kids.