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Our TASTY TEXTURES puffed snacks for babies from 7+ months introduce subtle flavours and new texture experiences for mini mouths, and soft shapes that little fingers can hold. Safe for self-feeding and perfect for first-stage snacking.

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  • Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Up Sticks

    Organic Sweet Potato Pick-Up Sticks

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    Organic Strawberry Pick-Up Sticks

  • Organic Banana Pick-Up Sticks

    Organic Banana Pick-Up Sticks

We created Little Bellies to feed all children nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, unnecessary salt and sugar, especially during the formative years of child development.

Little Bellies’ range of TASTY TEXTURES for 7+ months babies offers a great variety of organic puffed snacks with many shapes, delicious flavours and textures to help build familiarity with food and promote independence.

  • Our snacks for 7+ months are certified organic, natural, and free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, and unnecessary salt and sugar.

    If you follow a “baby-led” approach to starting solids where the emphasis is supporting your baby to learn to self-feed, you can offer some low-risk stick or circle-shaped foods. Ideally, the texture needs to be soft or meltable to continue to be safe for the baby. Babies can bring them to their mouths to explore and learn a variety of flavours.

    Our TASTY TEXTURES snacks for 7+ months babies were specially developed to support safe self-feeding:  delicate and quick to melt in the mouth, introducing new flavours and textures in shapes that little fingers can hold.

  • We only work with certified organic ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers to make our baby snacks for 7+ months.

    We will visit and review each and every single one of our suppliers before we agree to partner with them. We meet their team, discuss our requirements, learn from their expertise and take time to form meaningful and lasting relationships to ensure the highest level of quality control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

  • When starting solids, offering one meal per day is perfect. As your little one begins to learn and build on their eating skills, the amount of food they eat will increase. Around 7 months is often a good time to increase to 2 meals per day and work up to 3 meals by 9 months. This may be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For others, offering 2 meals and 1 snack may work better with their schedule.

    Remember that in the beginning, babies are mostly just exploring flavours: they may spit out some of the food, squish it and only lick or taste it. It’s all good, this is how they learn to eat! It’s a process that takes time. Embrace the play and the mess.

  • For more information about starting solids and baby-led weaning, please read our article Introducing Solids to a Baby: A Guide for Parents and Baby Food & Snack Guide by Age & Stage.