RACING SOFTCORN practice your big breaths with your baby by blowing Baby Bellies Softcorn pieces across a tray. ️This game aims to encourage deep breaths and the development of oral motor planning skills, which is the ability to know, remember and perform the steps for a movement so they can make it happen again.   How to play: 1. Set up several pieces of Little Bellies Softcorn on a baking tray 2. Show your little one what to do by placing a Softcorn on the tray, taking a big breath and blowing it across the other side of the tray 3. Once your bub knows what to do, try to blow the softcorn pieces at the same time, racing to the other side!   Simone says: “Racing softcorn is simple to set-up with age-appropriate learning outcomes and physical skill-building.”

Age Range: 10+ months